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  Case Study

Through years of experience, TechTotal has built a solid knowledge base in various business domains.

Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Agility Eservices User Manual, Help Files, Installation Guide, Reference Manual, Use cases 1000 pages Hyderabad,Chennai
Being the very first initiation of acquiring International Standards documentation in Agility, we have engaged a strategic approach towards building a strong documentation base for the organization. We have modeled them an onsite/offsite process of execution where the documentation is carried out in both ....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Ness User Manual, Help File (Web-based), Brochure, Quick Reference Guide, RFP 1000 pages Hyderabad
Ness approached us at a crucial time of release of their product which needed short-term documentation to be built for the release. We have appointed a dedicated resource within the project team who connects to the offshore development team in UK and update them with the documentation plan and work ....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
BSG User Manual, Online Help 2000 pages Dubai
Being a marketing franchise for one of the pioneers Exactus UK, BSG is one of our overseas clients where they are targeted to sell their expertise with the best possible customer support to their Supply Chain customers. It was a complete outsourcing engagement with the client where the documents were built ....
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Med eCare
Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
MED e-care Technical Manual, Training Material 1300 pages Canada
MED e-care is one of the prestigious overseas clients for TechTotal. We created complete documents, tutorials for most of their products. We have also created a database for all their documents maintained at TechTotal Server. Nearly a team of 6 expertise technical writers have worked on this project and executed ....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Proxim User Manual, Online Help 500 pages Hyderabad
Working with Proxim made TechTotal to enter into a new domain; Wireless Technology. TechTotal has fulfilled Proxim’s urgent requirement of creating end-user documents by placing 3 man power and completing the documents in a very quick succession. The manuals had to be written for network engineers and field engineers....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Megasoft Technical Product Documents (TPD), API Guides, Use Case Realization (UCR) 1000 pages Hyderabad
TechTotal co-located a team of technical writers in Megasoft to help build a stronger working relationship between the engineers and the writers by writing various technical documents. This enabled the ....
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SQL Star
Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
SQL Star User Manuals, Quick Reference Guides, Help Files (.chm) 2500 pages Hyderabad
SQL Star International and Strabus Software Solutions are one of the prestigious home clients for TechTotal. We have completed the User Manual of 300 pages for SQL Star in a month’s time. We are also involved in creating a huge documentation strategy for Strabus. At present we are executing a User Manual for ....
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Wipro Infotech
Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Wipro Infotech Technical Manual, Training Material 2500 pages Hyderabad
Wipro has sought our expertise to design documentation for one of their long-term customers Southern Water, to give more add-ons to their services. We have designed them a new trend of understanding a concept through more visuals, better articulation and interactive approach of learning. A team of Technical Writers ....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
Analogics User Manual, Online Help 1000 pages Hyderabad
Analogics has been one of our prestigious Home clients supplying them end-to-end documentation strategy throughout their development life cycle. Being a product-based company, we have been supporting them through on-demand resources who could design product catalogs, Technical Data Package documents ....
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Gss America
Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
GSS America User Manual, Help File (context sensitive), Website Content, Presentation and Product Presentation 250 pages Hyderabad
TechTotal was engaged to create User Manual for Ministry of Education Saudi Arabia. The vision is to build a portal with subsystems such as news events, banners, polling etc. Even we are involved in creating ....
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Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
GE User Manual, Online Help 250 pages Hyderabad
GE has approached us to ensure documentation auditing and maintenance purposes where the writer has to ensure regular updates to the documentation, migrate the document to a web-based help and later, perform translation in Japaneese lingual. Using the product GE Sentry for Windows, the user can access any ....
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Ktwo Technology
Client Name   Documents Prepared   Volume   Location  
KTwo Technology User Manual, Online Help 2000 pages Bangalore
KTwo has built a very sophisticated product which automates the entire process of cargo system in logistics domain. Our Lead has time lined the whole documentation plan for the writers, provided with ....
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