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It has been a great experience working with TechTotal. Within a months time I have learnt a great deal on Technical Writing Tools, based on which I was able to get a job at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) as a part of their TechCom department with very good compensation package.
I especially thank my trainers for imparting their knowledge thoroughly and continuously to students at TechTotal. I recommend TechTotal as one of the best institutes for Technical Writing where one can learn under a professional and friendly environment. I wish all a very successful future.

Shayeri Sen – Technical Writer
Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)


TechTotal is well equipped with good trainers, lab-section, Course Syllabus, and Training materials.......
“I came with no knowledge of Technical Writing and got away with much confidence and in-turn a good job". The methods and presentation style of the instructors are very good. I would strongly recommend TechTotal to others...

-Seetaram, Sr.Technical Writer

I thank you very much for the training and guidance from you, which helped me a lot in breaking into this Technical Writing field with ease. The course, techniques, syllabus and the faculty are up to date and well in pace. I appreciate TechTotal for giving such valuable training where teaching and guiding resources are scarce for aspirants.

VIJAYA KUMAR - Technical Writer


The practical and theoretical knowledge I have gained from "TECHTOTAL" has helped me to enhance my ability & to excel in my current scope of work as a Technical Writer with Wipro. I take this opportunity to thank my Institute for providing me with a stabilized foundation on which I am able to build my career.

Sushma Rewatkar, Sr.Technical Writer
Wipro Technologies, Hyderabad



The instructors are very knowledgeable, sharp and peculiarly patient which is assistive for graduates from non-technical background....
The training was informative and very extensive. The co-operation and assistance given by TechTotal for attaining the job is very appreciative....
The course was very practical and applicable to our current projects.......

Sagar,Technical Writer


“The instructors are knowledgeable and patient which was very helpful for non-technical students like me.”



“I take this opportunity to thank TechTotal and specially the dedicated trainers for their valuable training which really helped to solve issues in my real time projects”


“I am very pleased with the training and guidance given by TechTotal it was a wonderful experience where I got to learn new things in instructional designing, e-learning etc.”


“It was a good learning experience from TechTotal which really helped me to create tutorials, simulations and other e-learning materials”



My heartfelt thanks to the creative team of Techtotal for incorporating the changes I requested and sending the certificate.
I take this opportunity to thank instructors individually for assisting me in my quest for success.
Murali really terrorized me  on a lighter note, he was a task master in ensuring that we don’t miss his presentation even for a second. I enjoyed his sessions thoroughly. Being a trainer myself, I was able to gauge the pulse of the audience.
Sudha, Rakesh and Rekha are invaluable trainers with excellent subject knowledge and I thank them specially for my successful certification.
Shravan, you deserve a special note of thanks for all the motivation and assistance you were able to provide me throughout the duration of the course. Your help paved the way for me to deliver the best of my efforts. Sharing the sample projects of students imparted a high level of competiveness to my learning J
Thanks a ton to the entire teaching fraternity of Techtotal. Kudos to you!

Warm Regards,
Parul- Bangalore


Shravan you have been the pillar of my success in Instructional Designing and I really appreciate the support and motivation I have received from you during the course.

Donna Stewart- Trainer, Instructional Designer  
Newyork, USA

Learning Links Consulting


I completed a certification program in Technical Writing from Techtotal Systems. They followed a systematic approach in training, including both theoretical & practical aspects of Technical Writing. The immense support and guidance offered by them was instrumental in me securing the job of a Technical Writer at Convergys. The support they have offered even after the completion of the success is worth mentioning and to this day I can get in touch with them for any help that I might need in the professional domain.
The timely response from instructors, online access to portal and the tutorials are the differentiating factors from other conventional institutes,
Thanks a lot to Techtotal and Mr. Shravan for your help. I will always cherish it.

Sonia rajan


I had prior experience in teaching, courseware designing and content creation before enrolling in Techtotal. The course enabled me to acquire the much needed exposure for entering the e-learning industry within a short span of time, say one month! I secured a position as Instructional Designer in a reputed e-learning company upon successful completion of the course. My heartfelt thanks to the entire team of Techtotal and Mr. Shravan, especially for the guidance and motivation provide to me throughout my stint at the institute. I recommend this course to all aspirants who wish to build a career for themselves in the e-learning industry. All the best.



Techtotal Systems Team: Thanks to the dynamic team of Techtotal who have been instrumental in me gaining a foothold as an Instructional Designer. The training style and approach of Virender, Stephen & Shravan are highly commendable, who complement each other for effective training. I intend to maintain the same rapport with you folks and master this creative field on par with you. 

Angela Paul – ADP


Wishing you a very happy new year!
Yes this has turned to be a really happy new year for me since I could crack the interview and land up in a job as an instructional designer in ELC, a reputed e-learning company based in Singapore. I feel extremely fortunate in securing a job in the very first interview
I express my immense gratitude to the whole creative and helpful team of Techtotal for the assistance provided for the entire duration of Instructional Designing course. Please send me the link where I can pen my testimonial for this remarkable institute of learning.

Vandana Chaudhary


I vividly remember the day when I made my way into a narrow lane on a hot Monday afternoon to enquire regarding the instructional designing course. I entered a tall building christened Tech Total beaming in bright orange color which was an easy eye catcher. My desire to learn ID has reached its logical conclusion, in that Techtotal strengthened my vision and enhanced my skills and knowledge. This has empowered me to develop as a competent individual and a content developer with skills ranging from storyboarding to drafting thesis. The quest for creativity and knowledge has been satiated and my overall experience in Techtotal is marvelous and scintillating.



I found the course pertaining to Instructional Design very interesting and apt for the evolving times as many firms are vying to gain a foothold in the domain of e-learning. The topics are systematically designed and logically structured and the know-how dovetailed for identification and management of opportunities in the market is highly useful.
The accessibility of trainers for immediate clarification of doubts and the convenience of online sessions imparted effectiveness and professionalism for creative learning. Since I had a tight schedule, customized modules and flexible timings offered by Techtotal was path breaking. I take pleasure in recommending this course to aspirants for content development, technical writing and instructional designing and those who intend to achieve high success in their career.

Nutan Erathi
Instruction Designer
ExcelSoft Technologies


When my friend initially referred Techtotal I dismissed it as another conventional place with no sound base but I was spell bound with the professional approach of the staff at the institute. Techtotal offers the best training one can ever think of in the domain of Technical writing and Instructional Designing. Moreover they not only impart training but focus on the holistic development of an individual. Eventually I, my friend and other friends in our sphere of influence have benefited immensely and take pride in the fact that we are products of Techtotal. I’m sure that this endeavor of Techtotal in creating high-end professionals will continue in the coming years and I wish them all the best.


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