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Welcome Aspirant

You might be having many concerns right now. Have a look at the following questions and see if they match any of your concerns.

Do you:

  • Plan to become a Technical Writer
  • Want to streamline your preparation
  • Like to be trained by the Industry experts
  • Need a preparation solution that suits your comfort and requirements
  • Want a Course Completion Certificate

If your answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then TechTotal Online Training is just the appropriate solution that fulfills your desire of becoming a Technical Writer.

About TechTotal

Online Training    Up

TechTotal provides a unique and robust platform for online training in Technical Writing. Highly qualified instructors and eminent faculty, with hands-on experience in Technical Writing, would guide and help blossom the new entrant into an industry-ready, professional technical writer. TechTotal Online provides you the advantage of getting a complete learning experience and certification from anywhere and at anytime. We have been providing online training through our dedicated LMS (Learning Management System) server, through which any course can be trained within a period of 25 Sessions (2hrs per session).

Methodology    Up

The Methodology adopted here ensures overall skill enhancement of the trainee. Due to its personalized nature, it shortens your learning time without compromising on quality. Instructions will be provided through the whiteboard and the voice/text chat provided through the LMS.

Enhance skills and improve productivity/results on test-to-test performance.

  • Ease of Communication
  • Adequate progress tracking and activity tools
  • Scaleable to growing needs
  • Customizable to your needs
  • White Board emulating black board
  • Flexibility in schedules
  • Multilingual
  • Segment specific modules
  • E Learning
  • Typical Job roles and skills

Benefits    Up

  • Inexpensive
  • No travel expenses
  • Time saving for student
  • Ideally paced; students can take courses at own speed
  • Focus on and learn what is important to student and skip unnecessary information
  • Students have access to courses anytime for a refresher

What Do You Get?    Up

Instructor-led, Online Trainings offer the perfect combination of convenience, affordability, and technology. Being online, the trainings are guaranteed to be latest, and support is just a click away. So, do not miss this chance of having your whole preparation kit readily available.

Interactive Training Sessions
The training is delivered via interactive sessions over the Internet. It emulates the classroom environment, but with no hassles. The trainee is benefited by the expert guidance without being tied to one particular place.

Get trained at a time that suits you:
Our courses can be accessed 24x7, 365 days a year, and at times that suit you, which mean a year round access to learning and getting trained.

Cost Effective Solution
TechTotal online training not only ensures you a certification, rather it aims for a rich learning experience to boost your career. The training is empowered by features like:

  • Step by step approach
  • Daily assignments for Practice
  • Weekly Tests
  • Continuous Feedback and Monitoring
  • Insights about common pitfalls of the test

Personal Attention: Small is suitable!
The training is conducted in person, which makes it highly focused and penetrative. The participant is amply facilitated to clear any doubts or queries.

FREE Technical Mentoring: Experts just a click away!
The online training comes with a bonus for each candidate in the form of FREE Technical Mentoring. They can contact the trainer via Dropbox (via e-mail) provided in our LMS for any individualistic concern and get it resolved very quickly.

Crisp Study Notes: Know exactly what you need to know!
You are provided a stock of useful study materials (through courier), which are objective and crisp. These study materials specifically addresses all your certification requirements.

Online Discussions
TechTotal Forum provides you a 'knowledge-sharing' platform to interact with your course mates.

How do you Get it?    Up
TechTotal Instructor-led, Online Training combines best features of classroom and computer based trainings. The training is conducted in person with focus on personalized attention to the participant, and instant doubt clearing. The trainee interacts with the trainer in real time through chat service of our LMS or gTalk or Yahoo messenger or by sharing the desktop and receives the training via an online presentation.

The Method
The method adopted for delivering and conducting TechTotal Online Training ensures an overall skill enhancement along with cutting-edge precision in preparing for the certification exam.

Single participant
Highly stimulating and focused training

Study materials are provided in advance
Familiarizing with the training objectives

Expert takes you through the objectives in detail
Revising and clarifying the concepts with precision

Private Sessions
Trainers privately communicate one-to-one with the trainee during the training through chat and Dropbox services

Whiteboard emulating the blackboard
Trainers use the whiteboard to display the training content and trainees can use it for drawing diagrams etc, emulating a classroom environment

Establishing strengths and weaknesses
Topics that need to be focused

Why to Choose Online Training?    Up
Instructor-led, Online Training is a relatively new concept in the realm of education. It scores over other modes of preparation in that it allows:

  • Dynamic sessions
  • Immediate feedback
  • More accurate assessment
  • Flexibility of schedules
  • High affordability

Instructor-led, Online Training enables you to study the topics in an easy step-by-step fashion, guided with ease by an expert. The sessions are usually spread such that you can understand and assimilate the concepts easily. You can follow the presentation being made by the instructor and get your doubts cleared immediately.

As the training is conducted in person for a course, a one-to-one attention is maintained by the instructor. The participant gets ample time to mull over the discussed concepts and assimilate the content easily. At the same time, having more than one participant in a course ensures that there is always more than one viewpoint on every topic.

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