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Tools Used  
  • Microsoft Word: To perpare rough document
  • Adobe RoboHelp: To import documents and generate Help File (.html)
  • Microsoft Visio: To design work flow and architectural diagrams
  • Adobe Acrobat: To generate PDF file from the Word Document
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: To create presentations for marketing/sales
  • Snag IT: Capture screenshots and edit the images.
  • Adobe Photoshop: To design brochure layout, icons, cover and banner images.


Team Size : 3 Technical Writers, 2 Instructional Designers, Lead



Client Description
Wipro Infotech is the leading strategic IT partner for companies across India, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific - offering integrated IT solutions. Wipro Infotech is a part of USD 5 billion Wipro Limited (NYSE:WIT) with a market capitalization of USD 24 billion. Wipro Infotech was the first global software company to achieve Level 5 SEI-CMM, the world's first IT Company to achieve Six Sigma, as well as the world's first company to attain Level 5 PCMM.

Product Name
Southern Water

Documents Prepared
Technical Manual, Training Material

Wipro has sought our expertise to design documentation for one of their long-term customers Southern Water, to give more add-ons to their services. We have designed them a new trend of understanding a concept through more visuals, better articulation and interactive approach of learning. A team of Technical Writers and Instructional Designers had been the part of the Wirpo Team on a contractual basis


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