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Tools Used  
  • Microsoft Word: To perpare rough document
  • Adobe RoboHelp: To import documents and generate Help File (.html)
  • Microsoft Visio: To design work flow and architectural diagrams
  • Adobe Acrobat: To generate PDF file from the Word Document
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: To create presentations for marketing/sales
  • Snag IT: Capture screenshots and edit the images.
  • Adobe Photoshop: To design brochure layout, icons, cover and banner images.


Team Size : 3 Technical Writers, Lead, SME



Client Description
KTwo Technology Solutions is a products company driven by a winning top team of professionals who possess experience and knowledge in rolling out innovative new products in international markets. Operating on a well defined agenda KTwo harnesses the potential of Indian and Global talent pool to build and deliver world-class products tailored to varied budgets in a global market.

Product Name
Express Cargo Delivery System (27 Modules) - Deccan Cargo

Documents Prepared
User Manual, Online Help

KTwo has built a very sophisticated product which automates the entire process of cargo system in logistics domain. Our Lead has time lined the whole documentation plan for the writers, provided with technical/editorial reviews to ensure quality and standards.



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