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Tools Used  
  • Microsoft Word: To perpare rough document
  • Adobe RoboHelp: To import documents and generate Help File (.html)
  • Microsoft Visio: To design work flow and architectural diagrams
  • Adobe Acrobat: To generate PDF file from the Word Document
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: To create presentations for marketing/sales
  • Snag IT: Capture screenshots and edit the images.


Team Size :1 Technical Writers, SME



Client Description
GE is a global infrastructure, finance and media company taking on the world’s toughest challenges. From everyday light bulbs to fuel cell technology, to cleaner, more efficient jet engines, GE has continually shaped our world with groundbreaking innovations for over 130 years.

Product Name
GE Sentry

Documents Prepared
User Manual, Online Help

GE has approached us to ensure documentation auditing and maintenance purposes where the writer has to ensure regular updates to the documentation, migrate the document to a web-based help and later, perform translation in Japaneese lingual. Using the product GE Sentry for Windows, the user can access any E2 PROM setting, quickly perform various maintenance, diagnostic, and troubleshooting tasks without the aid of additional test equipment. GE Sentry for Windows links directly to the microprocessor in the GE ZX controller.



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