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Tools Used  
  • Microsoft Word: To perpare rough document
  • Adobe RoboHelp: To import documents and generate Help File (.html)
  • Microsoft Visio: To design work flow and architectural diagrams
  • Adobe Acrobat: To generate PDF file from the Word Document
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: To create presentations for marketing/sales
  • Snag IT: Capture screenshots and edit the images.
  • Adobe Photoshop: To design brochure layout, icons, cover and banner images.


Team Size : 2 Technical Writers, 5 people (offsite)



Client Description
The Analogic group of Companies started in 1994 with a prime objective of providing state-of-the-art, innovative and reliable technological products. It is one of India's fastest growing and most respected business conglomerate, with revenues in 2005-06 of US$ 5.5 Million (Rs. 250 million) with current financial year turnover expected to reach US$ 16.5 million (Rs. 750 million). Analogic Group companies together employ around 300 engineers and technicians.

Product Name
CMRI, CAMR, Electronic Voting Machine (US), Hand-Held Computers

Documents Prepared
User Manual, Online Help

Analogics has been one of our prestigious Home clients supplying them end-to-end documentation strategy throughout their development life cycle. Being a product-based company, we have been supporting them through on-demand resources who could design product catalogs, Technical Data Package documents, API/SDK, operational manuals and bidding proposals.


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